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ACP 2019 Annual Meeting Off-Site Events

Pérez Museum

Visit Miami's flagship art museum, and learn about modern and contemporary, international art at Pérez Art Museum Miami (PAMM). Exhibitions highlight Miami's diverse community and pivotal geographic location at the crossroads of the Americas. In addition to exploring the galleries, visitors can: enjoy waterfront dining at Verde restaurant; shop a unique selection of art books, furnishings and handmade items at the museum's gift store; and take in the spectacular views of Biscayne Bay and the elaborate hanging gardens. Designed by Pritzker Prize winning architects Herzog and de Meuron, PAMM provides an educational and civic forum for the County's residents and visitors alike. Museum Highlights: This tour will introduce the visitor to the architecture of the museum and key works of art on view. Our guides start by exploring the museum's architecture and hanging gardens, the bring the group inside to discuss key works from the collection and temporary exhibitions. This tour is our recommendation for first time visitors, giving guests an overview of all PAMM has to offer.
Sign up for this event on the enclosed ACP registration form. Fee is $80.00 per person.

Vizcaya Gardens and Museum

Vizcaya was created as James Deering's subtropical winter home in the 1910s and today it is a National Historic Landmark and accredited museum. We invite you to learn about Vizcaya's fascinating history and the individuals responsible for the unusual estate's origins, evolution and ongoing management. Vizcaya works to preserve its cultural and environmental resources to engage people in connecting with the past, understanding the present and shaping its future. The general introductory tour is designed to be interactive and provide a basic introduction to the concepts behind the creation of the estate. The introductory tour uses inquiry and audience engagement to support active and social learning; empower visitors to make personal and meaningful connections with Vizcaya; present multiple entry points and perspectives for understanding Vizcaya; and encourage new ways of thinking. The tour focuses on the overarching theme that Vizcaya is the result of European traditions combined with an American context, and specifically, a Miami context. The tour visits all rooms on the first floor of the Main House and is 45 minutes.
Sign up for this event on the enclosed ACP registration form. Fee is $80.00 per person.

Candidate Event

“Chatting about Child and Adolescent Psychoanalysis: Looking Towards 2020 and Beyond”
Presenter: Leon Hoffman, MD
In this discussion, we will talk about issues that are important to Child and Adolescent Analytic Candidates. This may include discussions about a number of subjects such as (1) the nature and quality of professional activities and the inevitable compromises when there are conflicts with other responsibilities (2) the value of CA education in all their professional activities (3) difficulties working with parents of their child patients (4) dealing with the similarities and differences between psychoanalysis and psychotherapy (5) the unique challenges of adolescent patients and (6) any other topics that seem relevant.

Extension Presentation

“Developmental Issues Affecting the Risk of Suicide in Youth”
Presenter: Katie C. Lewis, PhD
While Longitudinal studies of suicidal individuals have focused on history of psychiatric symptoms, the timing of traumatic events, and the stability of specific risk factors known to relate to suicide, studies are lacking that address the relative influence of relational disturbances and subjective experiences of pain and alienation in suicidal individuals, which often begin in childhood and adolescence. This presentation will provide an overview of how developmentally-grounded psychoanalytic constructs such as attachment style, object relations, and defenses are related to suicidal behavior, and will discuss the clinical relevance of existing research findings connecting disruptions in development to increased suicide risk.

ACP Grant Fund – Donations Welcome

Each year the ACP provides a number of grants to fund low-fee analyses provided by our members. The number of grants we can fund and the amount we can give depend on donations from our members and a few private individuals who have been touched by psychoanalysis in some way. The ACP would like to thank the Todd Ouida Foundation, the Anna Freud Foundation and out ACP members for their generous donations this year. These Grants enrich our child analytic community by supporting the analyses of children in need. Please consider including a donation to our valuable program when you send in your dues of donate online at

Call for Papers

The ACP Program Committee invites workshop proposals for the 2020 or 2021 Annual Meeting.

The Committee invites papers that describe in-depth analytic work with children and adolescents. The theme for the conferences has not yet been determined, so at this point we welcome all proposals that demonstrate an in-depth, engaged analytic process. Proposals should be at least three to five double-spaced pages and include one or two detailed examples of the analytic process and a brief dynamic case formulation.

The review by the committee is a blind (anonymous) process. For this reason, please be sure that your proposal does not include any information that would identify you, including your city or state. Please attach a signed cover letter that lets us know whether or not the paper has been or will be presented in any other venues, i.e., presentations or publications, and specifies those venues. In addition, please indicate whether you would be willing to present this paper at the 2020 confrence May 1-3 in Baltimore, MD or the 2021 conference (location TBD), or at either conference. Proposals can be submitted to the ACP office at or 1964 Rahncliff Cr. #22123, Eagan, MN 55122. Questions about the process can be directed to Andrea Weiss, PhD at for (310) 247-9677, of Karen Weise, PhD at or (201) 237-6161.


We are privileged each year to come together to hear detailed case material and to talk openly with colleagues about the work we share, yet often carry out in isolation. In a group such as ours, it goes without saying that what we hear in any of the clinical meetings and discussions is also privileged. It never hurts, however, to restate out commitment to respecting the confidentiality of the clinical material that is the basis for our mutual learning here at our scientific meeting. We are grateful to the presenters for entrusting us with their work.

ACP Leadership Roles

The Nominating Committee of the ACP invite all ACP members to contact us if you have an interest in serving in a leadership role on our Executive Committee. Equally, we welcome suggestions about colleagues that you think might have or you think are qualified to have an interest!

The Executive Committee is responsible for the academic and fiscal health of our organization, through the development of programs and outreach, and through encouraging dialogue about the ways we think and work in our roles as child analysts. Positions such as Councilor, Candidate-councilor, and Officers of the Board are elected through a formal nominating process, for which we welcome self-nominations. Membership on one or more of the numerous committees of the Board is another way to serve our organization.

If you are interested in learning more about the opportunities available to serving our organization, please contact Adele Kaufman, LCSW at or (847) 432-7585.

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