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ACP Membership Benefits


There are many benefits to membership in the ACP:


Annual Meeting 


Membership in the ACP affords the opportunity to attend continuing education sessions each year at the Annual Meeting of the ACP.  The Annual Meeting provides a unique opportunity for child psychoanalysts from across the country and world to convene, collaborate, and present scholarly papers to their peers.  The Annual Meeting is typically held in the spring; past venues include, Cincinnati, Baltimore, Seattle, St. Louis, Denver, TampaCleveland, Santa Fe, Durham, Beverly Hills, Miami Beach, Seattle, Boston, Cancun, Chicago, D.C., Austin, and Denver.



All ACP members receive access to the members only listserv which can be used to promote events, seek referrals, discuss issues, and connect with other members. 

PSC Subscription

All ACP members receive the Psychoanalytic Study of the Child which is an annual journal, published by Taylor & Francis, which contains scholarly articles on topics related to child psychiatry and psychoanalysis. The journal was founded in 1945 by Anna Freud, Heinz Hartmann, and Ernst Kris.

Website Listing and Roster  


All ACP members receive access to the members only section of the ACP website.  This section includes a searchable online directory of current ACP members, as well as a document archive, full membership roster, and other pertinent information.  Members will also be able to post a listing in the “Public Member Directory” section of the website, which allows members of the public to search for a child analyst by name or location.



The ACP provides grant funds to ACP members annually to support the low-fee psychoanalysis of children and adolescents.  It issues this funding through a supporting institution to be given to a child analytic candidate or graduate child psychoanalyst working with a qualifying case.     

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